About me: Maria Tagliapietra

Maria TagliapietraI was first introduced to the Pilates method at the age of 13, when I sustained a knee injury while dancing. During the rehabilitation process, I felt the power that this particular method had on my body. From that time onwards and throughout my career at the Royal Ballet, the Pilates exercises were a daily part of my training. Through Pilates I learned how to protect my body from injury and how to strengthen it to improve my technical abilities as a dancer.

I was very fortunate to be trained as a Pilates instructor by the leading expert Dreas Reyneke in his studio in Notting Hill. He taught me invaluable lessons on his very unique way to adapt the Pilates technique to everybody`s needs and capabilities. I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2000 and I worked for the following two years in his prestigious studio where I deepened my skills as a teacher. I have since had two babies and although I interrupted my work to be a full time mum, my daily training has continued and it has helped me to get back into shape.

In Spring 2006 I attended the Polestar Pilates Course presented by Liz Bussey and Alistair Greetham MCSP, for which I received the qualification in December 2006.

As a professional Pilates teacher, I am committed to furthering my education by attending various courses and having private classes on a regular bases.

In June 2007 I attended the "New Polestar Pilates Update course" presented by Cynthia Mcgee.

I am also certified as a level three Pilates instructor in The Register of Exercise Professional.

Maria Tagliapietra